Bloody Island, a music festival being organized in the Brijuni National Park, on the island of Jerolim, which is an integral part of the national park.
Departure by boat from the port of Pula at noon. You bathe, sunbathe and drink on the island, while bands play. In the evening the program on the island ends and the festivities continue on board, Heavy metal shipwreck with elite DJs.

-death metal band from Pula. They have been around since 1999. They have released 4 albums and are currently releasing for a world-renowned record label, Massacre Records.
-Sarajevo metal band has been on the scene for a long time. They have 4 albums and a lot of gigs around the region. Frequent guests are the motto of the meeting.
-thrash metal band from Rijeka. They have been active since 2007, they recorded one whole and one mini album.
– northern black / thrash band. They have been playing since 2012. They have recorded EPs, singles and have them on various compilations. They sound best on a tape recorder.
– Rijeka thrash metal band. They have been around since 2006. They have recorded two demos, and this year they are releasing their first full-length album

Ticket price is 120 kn and includes boat transport, ticket for the island, concert and after party on board.