It is with deep sadness and grief that we announce the passing away of our beloved friend Franko Puhalj, the producer of Infernal Tenebra’s first demo „Beneath the Twilight“.

Back in 2000, the band decided to record its first release, and Franko offered his help with much enthusiasm and altruism.

For that occasion, he brought his equipment to the band’s rehearsal room in Groznjan and spent a whole month (from November 4 to December 5, 2000) engineering, mixing and producing Infernal Tenebra’s first work. No computers or digital technologies were used whatsoever, since it was entirely recorded on an 8-track analog recorder. It was a hard work, but he had accepted it and patiently brought it to a successful conclusion.

In 2001, Infernal Tenebra decided to split up, but soon after this brief hiatus and lineup change, the band was offered to appear on United Force’s Magazine promo CD „Croatian Metal Attack, Vol. 1“. This occasion brought Infernal Tenebra back to life, and once again Franko stepped in as a producer, this time with the track „The Bitter Taste of Experience“. So, it is also thanks to his precious support that Infernal Tenebra are still active and hitting the stages around the world.

May you rock in peace brother.
Thank you for everything.

From Paolo, Danijel, Lari, Igor, Alex, Enver, Sandi, Viktor, Sebastian, Ivo and Darko