Croatian death/thrash metallers Infernal Tenebra have announced the addition of bassist Viktor Sinčić to their lineup, as a replacement for recently departed Paolo Grižonič.

Paolo started the band in 1999 and participated in the creation of four albums, toured with the bands and was involved in countless battles. He is credited on the latest album and we are very thankful for his contributions. Like all ex-members, he’ll remain in the Infernal Tenebra family, and we’ll honor this legacy with all our strengths.

Following the recent departure of Paolo Grižonič in the post-production phase of our upcoming album “As Nation Fall” due to personal reasons, the band sought for the best possible solution. One thing was clear, whoever was gonna be in charge of the bass section of Infernal Tenebra, he has to put in hard work and dedication in order to be where we are. We needed someone that could enhance and add some new and fresh vibes to the bands’ sound.

Viktor stepped in at the right time, and it basically happened overnight. Our longtime video producer and friend Igor Malečić (Meisterwerk Productions) suggested him and we clicked immediately.

Viktor is a young, motivated and skilled musician, with a great bass tone. Adding intricate bass lines will definitely influence our songwriting and we’re looking forward to work on the new material. We are delighted to have him on board and look forward to tour with him.

At the moment Infernal Tenebra is preparing for the upcoming shows in 2016. First festivals are already announced, and worldwide touring activities will follow the album release. With “As Nations Fall” coming out on January 22nd, 2016, we’re eager to get on stage and rock these tunes to our fans and friends around the globe.