Taken from the album AS NATIONS FALL (2016 – Massacre Records)


Defeat, for a tomorrow never comes
No dignity to a shallow point of view mankind abides

How can a human fall so low
Life is taken for granted before you know
Strive, so empty in your eyes
Hate, a hatred no one’s able to contrast

Arise, so strong and brave
No fate, a never ending game

Conviction, judgement day, inevitable end
In times of misery, no one cares

Demons show their face when you least expect them
Pushing through brutal cleansing
It makes you shiver
A scent a despair

A paralyzing feel
With grievous senses filled
All is now so clear

No salvation
Self conviction
Oppression from within

Album tracklist:
1. The Seventh Seal
2. Catharsis
3. Suspension of Disbelief
4. As Nations Fall
5. Cross the Line
6. Legally Insane
7. The End Justifies the Means
8. The Serpents Crawl
9. Black Sun

Album details:
Mixed and Mastered by Jens Bogren
at Fascination Street Studios, Orebro, Sweden
Album cover artwork: Gustavo Sazes

Label: MASSACRE RECORDS – http://www.massacre-records.com
Booking: ALPHA OMEGA Management Agency

Director: IGOR _MEISTER_ MALEČIĆ – Meisterwerk Productions