Taken from the album AS NATIONS FALL (2016 – Massacre Records)

Director: IGOR _MEISTER_ MALEČIĆ – Meisterwerk Productions
Co-creator: ALEN SENJAN
(Concept, cinematography, editing and costume design by Igor Malečić
Visual effects, cinematography and compositing by Alen Senjan)


Held naive on the palm of a hand
A lullaby to manipulate the world
To consolidate
When all is said and done behold
Something is wrong
Instinct takes control

Are we all reflections
Constructed distractions
What matters, in submission
The echoes, big picture

Tear myself from nothingness
A dream without substance
Infinite wait for mercy
Lay your hand on me

The final stand
In solitude remain
The silent God
The Seventh Seal
End of time
Timeless shift